• Do not use Moremo products for any purpose other than improved product functionality.
  • Do not open the lid and drawers at the same time to prevent overturning of the furniture which has numerous drawers, lids such as laundry and commode.
  • Do not overload your furniture. Avoid weights that may damage your product's balance. Mount it on a smooth floor.
  • Protect your furniture from extreme hot and cold environments and long-term direct sunlight.
  • Sharp and pointed objects can damage the surface quality of your acid liquids.
  • Do not use label and similar sticky materials that may damage the surface quality of your furniture.
  • When cleaning ¬†Moremo ¬†products, use a soft cloth moistened with water and a cleaning agent that will not cure the product.
  • Check the hinge connecting screws and the hinge adjusting screws at regular intervals to prevent any sagging on the covers.
  • Place the products so that there is at least 2 cm of space between the walls. In this way you will be able to prevent dampness by venting the rear part of the product.