A Room Full of Happiness

Our company, which has been continuing its commercial activities in Turkey / Bursa since 1950, has been in the furniture sector for 23 years. For the last 13 years, it has been specialized in the field of baby and children's furniture; prioritizing the health and safety of our children, also it designs, manufactures and retails furniture made completely of MDF and lacquer paint and all of the furnitures are handcrafted. Apart from our store, we reach our children in every part of Turkey and also the world through our overseas sales points and our online sales site. 

Our focus is children. It is our greatest desire to make our children happy by designing and producing suitable rooms, which are the number one social areas of our children, to contribute their development. In this path, we are incredibly motivated to be able to touch the lives of thousands of children by saying "Children are very happy with Moremo", both with our children whose dreams we have designed, and with our children whose dreams we can touch with our social responsibility projects.With the pride and excitement of our work, our goal for the future is to reach even more children in every part of the world. As we continue on our way with the excitement of our amateur spirit along with the all those years of experience, we want to meet with special people from all over the world in the next period and we aim to establish permanent business partnerships. 

On the way we set out for this purpose, we participated in the Kind +Jugend Fair in Germany Cologne for the 3rd time. With the positive reactions we received at this fair, our belief that we are doing a very right job has increased even more. We made good beginnings with good business partnerships. We have succeeded in making more children happy through our sales points in different parts of the world. Of course, we still have a long way to go. 

Wherever our children are, we are there. We design special living spaces and playgrounds for our children based on their imaginations. 

We attach great importance to social responsibility projects in order to continue to touch their lives after us.

We will always be working harder for our children. 

In this way we continue, we have many more projects that we want to realize by keeping the health and safety of children at the forefront.

We are waiting for you to be your solution partner. 

Hope to meet you in healthy and beautiful days.

Best regards,
Pervin & Yusuf Katana